Basic concepts and definitions

In order to create a common ground and uniformity in understandings and using words in the MTCP common words are defined as follows:

Development plan
It is a set of specific tasks and services based on technical, economic or social studies carried out by the executive agencies and organizations, over a definite period of time for achieving the objectives of a five years development plan during implementation, financed by total or partial investment from developments budget, including profitable, non-profitable and development studies..

A set of specific operations and services with definite periods and financial resources for achieving the objectives of a plan.

A set of specific tasks and services for achieving defined goal within a project framework.

Technical criteria
A set of technical criteria, standards, guidelines, scientific research, experiences and know-how which is the basis of engineering judgment and decision.

Technical regulations
A set of regulations, instructions and technical regulation.

A set of regulations and execution procedures, which is prepared based on legal standards and once ratified, officially announced and enforced by relevant authorities, is mandatory. It may include instructions and technical regulation.

A set of methods, procedures and instructions that is prepared for completing a topic or a specific task. It is generally mandatory and may include regulations and technical specifications.

Technical regulations
A set of regulations that include standards and technical specifications.

Technical specifications
A set of documents that defines features such as the quality level, procedures and accuracy of the work, safety degree and occupational health, measures, measurement units and their accuracy and methods used for conducting specific jobs or services.

Technical specifications generally accepted by expert and/or legally enforced institute.

Set of information prepared to facilitate the implementation of specific method(s).

List of services
Set of services related to activities, operation or field of works related to a project that their implementation are fundamental for achieving predefined goals in basic studies, execution and operation and the list of services for each project is based on them.

Scope of work
Detailed work breakdown and procedures for implementation of a project declared in the contract list of services and project controls program is carried out accordantly.

Mineral concepts

Means all terms defined in mineral law and its executive regulations enforced legally. Related new and revised terms, definitions and supplementary amendments, will be prepared and proposed during the implementation of the mining technical criteria program.

Work domain
Engineering activities and projects are extensive and in their implementation other engineering sectors (i.e. electrical engineering, civil engineering and so on) are also involved. It is impossible to put all the engineering services involved in mining projects in scope of the current program. Therefore, while maintaining the internal sovereignty of the program with other engineering sectors, the scope of the program only includes the technical criteria that are mainly used in mineral mining sectors that are not assigned to other engineering divisions. For other engineering activity in which preparing technical criteria’s are assigned to other engineering organization, the criteria and technical standards approved by them will be accepted and implemented in MTCP. In case of inevitability, only the criteria’s exclusive to the mining sector will be developed and endorsed as an amendment. The mining criteria, regulations and standards are accomplished based on mineral laws and its executive regulations, HSE regulations, and other current laws and regulations of Iran. In accordance with Iran mineral laws, the scope of current program includes all minerals except oil and gas. The scope of current program is exploration, exploitation and mineral processing including design, implementation, construction, operation, supervision and evaluation in each fields. Different criteria’s with common application in each fields, will be prepared under the most relevant subject. Although geology is a comprehensive subject with versatile application, in MTCP it is mainly focused on mineral exploration sector and exclusively assigned to the exploration division. Although tunneling technical criteria’s are also relevant to civil engineering, but due to its importance in mining activity, it is assigned to exploitation division scope of work. Scopes of mineral processing projects are ore beneficiation and mineral industry up to producing raw and in-process materials consumed in other industries, i.e. industrial mineral, extractive metallurgy, refractory material industries and inorganic chemistry. In those subjects common to the three main divisions of MTCP which is difficult to assign a project to specific division, project will be handled collectively or each divisions prepared relevant parts and hand it over to the MTCP director.

The work flow for implementing MTCP is presented in diagram 1, including executive responsibilities and decision making points on each step. The duties of the program council and relevant committees are presented in the high-level management documents.

Fields of activity

Definition and approval
At this stage, subjects, issues and fields fundamental to the Iran’s mineral sector are defined and after careful reviews will be approved by the program council. Base on the MTCP management document (1380), the major committees are:
a) Exploration
b) Exploitation (mining)
c) Mineral processing
For any changes or modifications on these fields of activity matters, should be referred to the program council for approval and the plan and budget organization for endorsement.

Project definition
In each fields of the program, i.e. exploration, mining and mineral processing, projects are defined by the relevant committees. For project defining, the main objectives of the MTCP should be implied and project(s) must be relevant to the current demands of the Iran’s mineral sector.

Prioritization of projects
Due to the diversity of mining topics and annual allocated budget, the defined projects should be ranked and prioritized by the committees. In case of change in the annual budget, priorities are reviewed by the relevant committees.

Approval of project(s)
Prioritized projects will be approved after review by the program council.

Selecting consultants for each projects

Consultant recognition and assessment
Relevant to topics of each approved project (clause 4.1.4), consultant(s) are recognized, assessed and introduced to the MTCP director by each committee. A consultant can be a person, group, university, company, institute, organization or combination of them, assessed based on their background, skills, ability and previous work records.

Limited tender
The MTCP director, request each consultant(s) to submit their proposal based on approved RFP for the project(s) and refer the proposals to the relevant committee for final assessment.

Proposal review
Proposals referred by executive director, are reviewed and evaluated in relevant committees. If required, the scope of work will be modified by the committee and announced to consultant(s) through the executive director.

Consultant selection procedure
After reviewing the final proposals, the committee will approve and prioritize consultants based on their experiences, backgrounds and relevance to the subject and send the results to the MTCP council. Selecting consultant(s) procedure is mainly based on research service evaluation regulation.

Consultant confirmation
The MTCP council will review the eligibility and prioritization of consultants forwarded from each committee and if necessary, modify and approve them. If the MTCP council does not approve any of selected and prioritized consultants, the matter will be returned to the main committees for reconsideration and selection of more appropriate and suitable consultants.

Signing contract
Inscription and signing the contract with the selected consultant, according to the priorities approved by the MTCP council (clause 4.2.4), is the responsibility of the program executer. Obviously, the MTCP council's view on the special condition of contract terms should also be considered in the final contract.

Project implementation
Projects are carried out by consultant(s), based on contract and the scope of work.

Projects progress proof
Progress reports by the consultant, in accordance with the contract scope of works, should be submitted to the program executive director, and after checking the general and special contract terms will be referred to the relevant committee for review and approval.

Progress report confirmation
Progress report confirmation by executive director is subject to approval by the relevant committee.

Review, approve and verification of projects reports
Each reports referred to the relevant technical committee will be reviewed by each members of the committee and if necessary, referred to well-known experts for final evaluation. The committee will look at all of the comments collectively and assessed them. Reviewing procedure in committees is as follows:
- The final report will be delivered by the consultant to the program executive office.
- Program executive office will examine the reports and documents and if there is an insufficiency in documents, will return it to the consultant to complete it.
- If there is no shortcoming, report is circulated to the members of the relevant committee for review.
- The report is reviewed at the committee meeting and if there is a shortcoming will be returned to the executive office.
- If the report is fully in accordance to the scope of works and comply with terms and condition of contract, it is distributed to members of the relevant committee and they review and verified it and announced their comment on each report in two weeks.
- After compiling all the reviews, if the majority of the members voted for approval, the report is considered as approved and will be declared in the committee minutes of meeting. Otherwise compiled reviews will be submitted to the executive office for applying revision by the consultant.

Final report approval
The technical committees will review the final reports and check the consultant revision. If report is technically accurate and up to the MTCP standards it will be approved. Approved reports will be sent to the MTCP council for final approval.

Final approval
The MTCP council will review the final approved report by technical committee, and if it is in accordance with the scope of works, approve it and will be declared in the council minutes of meeting. Reports are returned to the relevant committee if further changes and amendments are needed. Final approved reports are submitted to the executive office.

Approved reports are submitted to the plan and budget organization by the MTCP executive director for allocating publication code and final editing and publishing.

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