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Engineering activities and projects are extensive and in their implementation other engineering sectors (i.e. electrical engineering, civil engineering and so on) are also involved. It is impossible to put all the engineering services involved in mining projects in scope of the current program. Therefore, while maintaining the internal sovereignty of the program with other engineering sectors, the scope of the program only includes the technical criteria that are mainly used in mineral mining sectors that are not assigned to other engineering divisions. For other engineering activity in which preparing technical criteria’s are assigned to other engineering organization, the criteria and technical standards approved by them will be accepted and implemented in MTCP. In case of inevitability, only the criteria’s exclusive to the mining sector will be developed and endorsed as an amendment. The mining criteria, regulations and standards are accomplished based on mineral laws and its executive regulations, HSE regulations, and other current laws and regulations of Iran. In accordance with Iran mineral laws, the scope of current program includes all minerals except oil and gas. The scope of current program is exploration, exploitation and mineral processing including design, implementation, construction, operation, supervision and evaluation in each field. Different criteria’s with common application in each fields, will be prepared under the most relevant subject. Although geology is a comprehensive subject with versatile application, in MTCP it is mainly focused on mineral exploration sector and exclusively assigned to the exploration division. Although tunneling technical criteria’s are also relevant to civil engineering, but due to its importance in mining activity, it is assigned to exploitation division scope of work. Scopes of mineral processing projects are ore beneficiation and mineral industry up to producing raw and in-process materials consumed in other industries, i.e. industrial mineral, extractive metallurgy, refractory material industries and inorganic chemistry.

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