Program executive manager

MTCP executive manager is appointed by the "Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade". Duty: in addition to the legal duties and legislative power of Article 53 and 54 of the Iran’s public audit law. The main tasks and duties of the program executive manager are as follows:
- Establishing MTCP council overlooking on implementing its duties.
- Establishing technical committees according to the MTCP council intend.
- Obtaining inquiries and finalizing the projects contracts.
- Final confirmation and consultants statement payments.
- Organizing required personnel and equipment for implementing MTCP.
- Supervising administrative work and controlling funds and costs.
- Presenting MTCP progress reports.
- Maintaining the eternalness of the MTCP activities during the implementation stages.
- Coordination with the office of technical affairs and compilation of criteria of the plan and budget organization.

Contact information

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