MTCP council

The MTCP council initially had 13 members, which was reduced to 9 in the revision of the overhead management document. These members include program executive director and 8 outstanding experienced experts specializing in exploration, exploitation and mineral processing introduced as representatives of relevant organizations. The MTCP council meeting is held at the head quarter of the ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. Tasks and duties of the MTCP council are as follows:
- Establishing the internal regulations and procedures for the council and technical committees.
- Suggesting qualified experts for technical committee members to the program executive and their replacements if it's necessary.
- Final endorsement of selected consultant introduced by the technical committees.
- Final endorsement of projects and their scope of works.
- Prioritizing and planning the implementation of projects.
- Preparing and forecast the annual budget for MTCP.
- Overlooking technical committees.
- Compiling, incorporating and endorsement of technical committee's proposals.
- Final approval of reports.

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