Technical Committees |TC

TC’s including exploration, exploitation (mining) and mineral processing working under supervision of MTCP council. Each TC has five permanent member selected from distinguished and experienced experts in their fields, specialized in different field of activities related to the objectives of each TC. The TC’s members are elected by the MTCP council.

Tasks and duties of the TC’s are as follows:

- Defining projects, work domain and list of service for each project.
- Suggesting projects, their priorities and implementation.
- Defining the reports framework, content and procedures for implementing each project.
- Proposing duration and budget for each project.
- Evaluate eligibility and competency of the consultant(s) and selected the appropriate consultant for each project.
- Phrasing specific terms of each contract.
- Supervising the projects and performance guarantee of consultant services.
- Review, evaluate and verify the mid- and final-reports of each project.
- Inviting outstanding experts for reviewing and evaluation of final reports if it is required.
- Approval and Submitting the final report of each project to the MTCP council.

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