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The first conference of the MTCP and its achievements was held on December 27, 2012 in Mosala exhibition center, Tehran. In this meeting deputy minister of Industry, Mine and Trade announced that mining activities including exploration, exploitation and mineral processing will be regulated by national standards and mining sector's should properly implement the MTCP standards. Vajihollah Jafari, who spoke at the mining standards drafting conference, said that formulating the mining sector criteria is a model for optimal use of the country's mineral reserves. He also said, implementing these criteria can bring consensus and harmony in decision making in the mining and mining industries sectors.He stated that the development in criteria and standard can facilitate optimized investment and encourage investors, and emphasize that “The culture of applying mining standards and criteria should be institutionalized as an addition to the legal requirements in mining activities”. The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade stated the consensus in procedure and coordination in conducting mining activities through the preparation and application of the criteria, guidelines and standards are main goals and achievements of this program. MTCP will provide appropriate context for evaluating and comparing technical results and reports, advancing skills and knowledge of mining experts and practitioners, removing technical and legal barriers, avoiding diversification in decisions, repeating a single work and wasting resources are other achievements of the MTCP. With proper implementation and application of MTCP standards, we will be able to facilitate the operation and maintenance of mining facilities and equipment. It can also provide the framework for exporting products that meet the international standards and the framework for exporting technical and engineering services. He said; considering the current trend that the scope of mining activities is expanding day by day, it may be necessary to revise these criteria and regulations. If it is needed, criteria and standards will be revised definitely. He emphasized on development and implementation of mining standards, application of criteria and technical guidelines in all stages of mining activities. Preparation of technical standards and criteria in the mining sector is according to the Mining Law and Article 32 of the Mining Engineering Organization Law which began in 2002. Based on the Law, principles and rules that should be abide in designing and performing mining exploration, equipping, productivity and appropriate technical and economical requirements should be formulated by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. At the end he said; Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade considers the formulation of regulations and technical standards of the mining sector and its implementation is one of the most important tasks and accordingly all mining activities from exploration to mineral processing must be regulated.


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